Travel Hanger - Inflatable - Folding - Plastic - Hotel Hanger – ConvertAHanger®

Travel Hangers, Inflatable Hangers & Folding Hangers Replacement ConvertAHanger

The ConvertAHanger - Hook for Hotel Hangers and adapter for Cruise Ship Hanger.

This Hotel Anti Theft Hanger Adapter allows hotel travelers to convert the hotel anti theft hangers, the ones that don't have hooks, into ones that have a hook and can be used throughout their hotel room. Especially to steam their clothes in the bathroom, dry their hand washables and dry other wet items like a jacket.

Use in place of a travel hangers, inflatable hangers or folding hangers.

Easily carried in your carry-on or suitcase.

No more worries about TSA screening and your metal hangers.

It also works with the 5/8" small hook hangers used on cruise ship and internationally.