Travel Hangers, Hotel Hangers, Folding Hangers hook ConvertAHanger®

What is a ConvertAHanger?

    It's a hook that solves one of those travel frustrations no one talks about.

    • Frustrated when you travel and stay in hotels that use the hook-less hotel hanger?
    • What about those hangers with the small hooks used on your last cruise or when traveling internationally?
    • If so, we have the solution with our patent pending ConvertAHanger.
    • Attach the ConvertAHanger to the end of the post on the (hook-less) hotel hanger or small hook on the cruise ship hanger and you are good to go.
    • Now you can steam your wrinkled clothes in the bathroom when traveling.
    • Hang your hand washed laundry, wet bathing suit or rain soaked jacket in the bathroom shower to dry.
    • Made from strong and durable Lustran ABS.
    • 100% Designed, Sourced and Manufactured in the USA!
    • No longer a need to carry travel hangers, inflatable hangers or folding hangers in your carry-on luggage.


       Includes 2 - ConvertAHangers for $9.95
      30 day 100% money back guarantee