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Holiday Gift Ideas - The ConvertAHanger

Great Holiday Gift Idea

Need a unique gift for that had to by someone?  What about a frequent travelers? Maybe you are planning to attend a special event away from home.


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The ConvertAHanger now makes it easy for any traveler to turn those (hook-less) hotel hangers into ones that can be used anywhere in the hotel room. It will also work with the small 5/8 inch hook used internationally and on cruise ships.

  • Need to steam out those wrinkles from packing?
  • Need to hang your hand washed blouse, just stained during dinner?
  • Hate that metal on metal sound created when you hang your clothes?
  • What about those wet swimsuits or rain-soaked clothes?
  • Dirty kid's clothes need a quick rinse during the family vacation?

It's all easy with the ConvertAHanger. Simply attach the ConvertAHanger to the end of the post on the (hook-less) hotel hanger and you are good to go. You've now turned that hotel hanger into one you can use anywhere in your hotel room.

The ConvertAHanger is made from durable and strong snow white Lustran ABS, and is completely designed and manufactured in the United States of America.

The ConvertAHanger is the solution the savvy traveler has been in search of for over 50 years.

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