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Check Out These 5 Tiny Travel Gifts That Are All Under $50 November 18 2015

The ConvertAHanger has been selected by David Dean, Travel Tech and Gear Expert from as one of the 5 Tiny Travel Gifts Under $50 for the 2015 Holiday Season.

Looking for a stocking stuffer for the traveler in your life? Look no further. None of these items cost over fifty dollars, and they’re all light, useful and small enough to fit in even the most over-stuffed carry-on. 

   3.  ConvertAHanger

Have you ever been frustrated by those theft-proof coathangers in hotels? You know, the ones without a proper hook – they can’t be stolen, sure, but they also can’t be hung up on shower rails to dry wet clothes, or used to steam your suit that got wrinkled on the flight.

The ConvertAHanger does as the name suggests, turning a theft-proof coathanger into a normal one just by slipping over the top. It also accepts the smaller 5/8” hooks used on cruise ships, again allowing you to use the hanger anywhere in your cabin.

Sometimes it’s the simplest inventions that make the difference. Buy from Amazon »

Travel Addicts - THE 2015 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE FOR TRAVELERS November 10 2015

As a frequent business traveler, one of my biggest frustrations is hotel hangers. The anti-theft hotel hangers often come in two varieties: a ball-and-pin or with tiny hooks. Both of them are awkward and make it impossible to steam clothes in the bathroom or hang the clothes elsewhere in the room (such as a door knob). If you’re like me, this can be extremely frustrating. ConvertAHanger has come up with a small plastic device that converts the hotel anti-theft hanger into a regular hanger. A two pack retails for $9.95 and is available from ConvertAHanger or Amazon.

The ConvertAHanger device makes awkward hotel hangers a thing of the past.

Your Money Now - Bruce Vale - ConvertAHanger Shout Out October 21 2015

Thanks Bruce for taking a minute to let the world know about the ConvertAHanger on Your Money Now


Wendy Van Hatten - Travels and Escapes: ConvertAHanger Review June 18 2015

Travels: Convert A Hanger Review


Face it, those hook-less hangers in some hotel closets are a pain to use. They are meant to stay in the closet on the specifically made rod. Some of them never come off.

That might be okay if you don’t ever intend to remove the hanger from the closet. But, what if you need to hang your dress near the shower to steam out the wrinkles? Or, what if you want to hang up your travel shirt after you’ve given in a quick wash? It just doesn’t work.

That’s where the ConvertAHanger comes in. When I first saw this, I thought it might work. I was right…and then some. It’s great. Not only is it easy to pack and takes up very little room, it seems to be very durable as well.

It’s also made in the US…which is always a plus in my book.

I’ve used it and I love it. It’s going to be a permanent part of my luggage.

Check out more about it at Gear Review: The ConvertAHanger has made its way onto their permanent packing list. June 09 2015



We’ve all been there… that don’t use standard hangers but instead offer two theft proof type that only fit on their racks. They either have no hook or tiny ones.

Fortunately, one company has made a product that allows the traveler to convert those hangers to normal ones.


And they work great. I may now stop packing either inflatable or folding hangers and instead pack a couple of ConverAHangers since they are much smaller and lighter.

Two per pack. $9.95



The ConvertAHanger selected as one of thirty inventions for the National Hardware Show's QVC Tomorrowland Product Revue May 12 2015

May 5, 2015 - National Hardware Show

The Search for a Better Tomorrow. Disney's Tomorrowland and QVC Celebrate the spirit of Imagination and innovation to discover the next big thing.

QVC's product search team, in conjunction with The United Inventors Association of America UIAA, selected the ConvertAHanger as one of thirty inventions for the National Hardware Show's QVC Tomorrowland Product Revue held in Las Vegas in May of 2015.

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ConvertAHanger picked as Top 10 Unique Gifts for Travel December 15 2014

Published On December 6, 2014 | By alex |

 If you’re looking for unique gifts for travelers, you’ve come to the right place! TFG’s pulled together this massive selection of cute, functional, techie, beauty, budget or just plain fun gifts for the traveling woman in your life (or yourself). We’ve even snuck in a gift or two for guys and pets. What will you find in our list of 58 unique gifts? Find out and shop now! #convertahanger # travel hanger

# 10.

Convert A Hanger

The convert a hanger allows hotel travelers to convert the hotel anti-theft hangers, the ones that don’t have hooks, into ones that have a hook and can be used throughout their hotel room.

Especially to steam their clothes in the bathroom, dry their hand washables and dry other wet items like a jacket.
Buy now for $9.95 at
Convert a Hanger







Gizmodo Australia November 11 2014 Australia a gadget review site today added the ConvertAHanger - A Simple Plastic Adapter That Fixes Stupid Hotel Hangers - to their ever growing list of new products.


See the full post.

Post: A Simple Plastic Adapter That Fixes Stupid Hotel Hangers

Thank you

The ConvertAHanger team

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Sugar Pop Ribbons - says the ConvertAHanger - is "great product for business traveling" October 18 2014

ConvertAHanger Review
*I received a free product for review purpose. I did not receive any compensation from the company. All opinions are my own and not influenced in anyway. My reviews are not always positive, but they are my personal and honest opinions. Other people's views and experiences with the show might be different from mine. 

My husband started working for a new company about 6 months ago. He does not like to travel for work, so he had done everything he could to avoid it at his last jobs. At the new company, he is asked to travel to Seattle from California at least once a month for meetings. He likes to pack light and want to avoid checking his luggage at the airport, so Convert a Hanger is a great product for him. It is small and light weight, so he could avoid packing his own hangers.

With this product, he could use the hook-less hangers at the hotels.
He could hang his hand washed laundry, wet bathing suit or rain soaked jacket in the bathroom shower to dry. But more importantly, he could steam his wrinkled clothes in the bathroom when traveling.

We think this is a great product for business traveling. If you are interested in checking them out yourself, please visit the  Convert a Hanger website.